The Sirius1 Fiber laser cutting machine is a laser processing solution used professionally in metal processing, aerospace, electronic appliances, home appliances, elevators, automobiles, advertising, precision accessories, craft gifts and other manufacturing industries.

The equipment is designed with a gantry double drive structure, which is dual gear rack and dual servo motor drive system with high-speed arc cutting function, that can effectively meet the application requirements of metal materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum plate, galvanized sheet, etc.



  • High Rigidity Enhanced Aviation Aluminum Gantry, improve the gantry strength and rigidity and much lighter;
  • Finite element analysis of gantry help to achieve the best critical state of dynamic performance;
  • Integrated structure design, reasonable overall layout
  • Rack and pinion structure, servo drive, secondary annealing treatment of high rigid welding frame with high accuracy and stability
  • Professional laser cutting software with graphic layout and sharp corner smoothing functions, fast piercing & cutting;
  • Fiber laser has better Industry-leading wall-plug efficiency (around 30%), less power consumption;
  • Hand controller is available, easy for operation;



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